Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Keep Your Eyes On Your Fries

As seen on Taxi, in Japan, a McDonald’s French Fries holder lets you enjoy fries as you drive.

Firstly, I can't believe this wasn't rolled out in the States before Japan, and secondly, note the bottom-left corner of the image above. Not only does this thing fit into car cup holders, but by extension, a bike bottle holder. I've been known to throw a frappucino or two in my cup holder, and occasionally a shwarma or a burrito, but this might be the best way yet to fill up on the go. Good thing I tend to have two bottle holders on my bike, then I'll still have room for a milkshake. Fries and shake, please. To go? Don't mind if I do. There's no connection between fatty foods and heart disease right?