Sunday, May 12, 2013

Too Much To Ask

Apparently, the Universe doesn't want Torontonians to be too happy. Too smug. Too self-assured. The Leafs can win a couple of games against the Bruins but Ryder Hesjedal can't gain time in the Giro d'Italia. Sure you can have a comics book festival, but you can't have sunshine, or even approximate May temperatures. Is it too much to ask that more than one thing go well at a time? I guess so. As Hesjedal continues to lose time against other G.C. contenders, now +3:11 mins off the pace, I have to wonder if he can claw it back. Even with the toughest mountains ahead, more than three minutes is the toughest mountain of all, especially in this time-trial-heavy Giro. Even if Ryder scratches and crawls back into the leader pack, there will still be time trials to win, where the other big names are certainly favourites. All we can do is watch and wait and bide our time. Just over three minutes of time.