Friday, April 26, 2013

On the wheel of Eddy...

Check out this great promotional video from a consortium of Belgian/Flemish sport and tourism agencies (seen via INRNG. The Inner Ring, the highly dependable and readable cycling reporting blog)

And as INRNG notes, you can find more history and cycling routes here. By default the site is in French but you can choose between Dutch, French, English and German though I'm a little surprised there's no Italian on offer?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Keep Your Eyes On Your Fries

As seen on Taxi, in Japan, a McDonald’s French Fries holder lets you enjoy fries as you drive.

Firstly, I can't believe this wasn't rolled out in the States before Japan, and secondly, note the bottom-left corner of the image above. Not only does this thing fit into car cup holders, but by extension, a bike bottle holder. I've been known to throw a frappucino or two in my cup holder, and occasionally a shwarma or a burrito, but this might be the best way yet to fill up on the go. Good thing I tend to have two bottle holders on my bike, then I'll still have room for a milkshake. Fries and shake, please. To go? Don't mind if I do. There's no connection between fatty foods and heart disease right?

Friday, April 5, 2013

This Thing Just Got Real…

image via Brooks England Blog

Then again, I guess it was a "Thing" all along. I've only recently started riding the distances wherein chamois cream may be considered. I have a friend who has ridden thousands of kilometres without the stuff and believes saddle sores are caused by funky riding shorts. I think the first season I rode thousands of kilometres with underwear beneath my riding shorts, which seasoned riders would think of as heresy – I think they're not wearing the right underwear.

This season, I'm switching the riding shorts for riding undergarments – just like the Mormons – and I'll be wearing more regular looking shorts on top. I don't mean for training rides but on touring rides. I've been wearing the new underwear on the trainer and I have to admit, they are not as comfortable as regular riding shorts but I guess I'll eventually get used to them.

I can't say riding sores have ever really been a problem but maybe I'm just not riding enough. If riding more is the only way to find out then I'm game to get my rash on! The Ride to Conquer Cancer is only 2 months away so at some point my 20 mins on the trainer will have to migrate to 5 hours on the road.